Thursday, June 21, 2012

it is gone like something large, hovering high, has covered up the sun (part II)

(continuing from part I)

Through most of the 16th of June, Spoony thought about moving, pondering if relocating would help him get through the emotional storm. Ultimately, he decided against it, citing family issues and, well, general apathy. At this point he was also the target of a lot of misdirected ire, I think, from both fans and random strangers--and to be fair, more random strangers than fans. His response to most of these comments was sarcastic, edging into generally bitchy, but then The Invitation went out:
Anyone else want to publicly denounce me? C'mon, it's fun.
What followed, especially where one Twitterer was concerned, was an anger-laced, invective-laden diatribe against meaningless platitudes. When called on the several tweets he sent out (in an extraordinarily mild fashion), this was his response:
@0dge A bit harsh? No, it's extremely harsh, and I'm beyond giving a shit at this point.
Most of June 17th, he spent going on a diatribe against partially-finished basements:
You think Bilbo Baggins partially-finished Bag End? No, you shithead. Bilbo finished that fucker.
HopeWithinChaos tried again:
@TheSpoonyOne You realize you're going off about shit that is seriously insignificant now, right? You're just mad to be mad.
His response, as expected:
@HopeWithinChaos Fuck you, I'mma be mad at what I want.
He seemed to realize around this time that things were veering off the rails:
Hopefully will have a couple of videos up tomorrow, if I have any fans left.
Someone else got involved at this point. Spoony (of course) answered:
@Takahata101 Dude I will mess you up. You seen me lately? I'm a crazy motherfucker. You ever fight someone who's out of his fucking mind?
On the 18th of June, the folks behind Channel Awesome put Spoony on a four-week suspension from the site. You won't be overly surprised at his answer:
The accumulated filth of all their shit games and comics will foam up about your waists, and in agony youll look up screaming "review this!"

And I'll look down and whisper, "No."
Though he more directly referred to it on the 19th:
My videos will not be on TGWTG for a while. I've been suspended for 4 weeks for misconduct. I agree with the decision.
On the 20th, things continued to go downhill:
I should be whipped. I should be flogged. I am an evil, offensive excuse for a man worthy only of your spit and ridicule. Purge me.
He continued:
I am also not allowed to threaten fans or tell them to go fuck themselves anymore. Hopefully you've internalized my voice so it's automatic
And continued:
Perhaps I can come up with a code which adequately conveys my disgust and hatred towards you and the human race in general.
And continued:
Your concern is all very touching, but um, I think you're forgetting that I'm gonna say whatever the fuck I damn well please. kthx.
On the 21st, he kept going:
I don't really see the cause for outrage here. I've always been a hostile bastard. I've always ranted and screamed. Wear a fucking helmet
And kept going:
I'm just being myself. I'm simply enlightened enough to know that I am an angry, crazy motherfucker. I can't help if you don't like it.
And kept going:
I'm being honest and open. Last I heard, those were good qualities. Do you need help finding the "unfollow" button?
Suzanne Eldredge asked a question:
@TheSpoonyOne So, what do you want? I ask in all sincerity.
He answered:
@Ampersand07 I want a rebirth of glory, a renaissance of power!
And answered:
@Ampersand07 I want to stop running through my life like a man late for an appointment, afraid to look back or look forward.
And answered:
@Ampersand07 I want us to be what we used to be! I want... I want it all back the way it was. Does that answer your question?
I'd say so.

On the 21st, partially in response to these tweets, and, I'd be willing to hazard a good guess, in response to email and/or telephone conversation with Spoony directly, the Channel Awesome staff sent out a notice saying Spoony had left the building:
After recent events, Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler and Channel Awesome have decided to part ways. Noah has made it clear that he wishes to pursue a course that is different from our own. We feel that with these different aims, it is better for Noah to be free to pursue his own goals unhindered by us.

Noah has been an immense talent on the site and we thank him for his years of hard service, both in numerous episodes of The Spoony Experiment and in the Channel Awesome Anniversary films.

We sincerely wish him the best in all future endeavors, and hope he continues to put out great quality work.
The four-week suspension, in this case, became permanent.

More to come in part III.

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