Wednesday, June 20, 2012

once, that wish did land, like a star in my hand

This may be the best childrens' book ever. EVER.

Unfortunately, this may be the worst one.

New Kickstarter project on the horizon--this one to fund a film. They're not even asking for the funds to complete the feature--just the short film they can then truck around to production houses and gain the rest of the funding that way.

Why Kickstarter, though? Their answer's on the page:
Why are you not following traditional paths of fund-raising for a short film?

We were but when we saw Kickstarter we realised there was another way to realise Mischa's dream, which was much more suited to our philosophy of work. PostPanic has always been determined in its creative visions and uncompromising. Traditional investments come with conditions attached and one of them is allowing them access to creative control. We want to retain creative control on Sundays - Mischa wrote and will direct this film. He knows what it has to be and he needs to be able to set the visual ball rolling with his own clean, uncompromised vision. This is our first step in realising our ultimate goal - to make Sundays into a feature film.
I've said this before, but this really is the strength of Kickstarter--and it's the strength behind patronage in the first place.

They have a month to reach their goal, and they only need $47,000 at this point. Help if you can.

This seems an inherently bad idea.

In other news, Treasured Cove Sculpts has a mesh tutorial on the Marketplace for one Linden. I don't know what it does yet, but next time I log in I'll look into it.

And your moment of science, only not with supercooled bottles of water, but supercooled pods of fruit jel! Pop out supercooled fruit jel; poke fruit jel; watch fruit jel freeze. Tasty science!

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