Sunday, June 3, 2012

for me, it isn't over yet (part II)

More scenes from a hunt, mesh edition: and we're beginning at Illusions in Carnivale:

(from the Avatars album)

My goodness, it suddenly grew warm in here. And I don't usually respond to tons of muscles and brands, but...this particular demon pulled it off marvelously. Likely quite the high prim count, but really exquisite details.

(from the Avatars album)

And he had a forked tongue. *coughs*

We move on! Seen at Weather! or Not?:

(from the bizarre album)

Signs. Wait, signs? Why? A protest? What?

I don't understand.

[20:31] Rxx Kxxxxxx: Excuse me
[20:31] Rxx Kxxxxxx: what do you know about the Illusion Slaughter of 2012?
[20:31] Emilly Orr blinks.
[20:32] Emilly Orr: There was an Illusion Slaughter?

I forgot that, having recently re-joined the Illusions store group, my group tag said Illusionist. Wonder what they would have said with other group tags?

[20:32] Rxx Kxxxxxx: It was on all the signs.
[20:32] Kxxxxxx Qxxx: ah ha... I think I can find the M
[20:32] Emilly Orr: I...see.
[20:32] Rxx Kxxxxxx: He would be bald.
[20:33] Kxxxxxx Qxxx: here is the M
[20:33] Rxx Kxxxxxx: Fact

And they walked directly to it. Now, while I've done that, when hunting with friends, I don't (as a personal rule) stand directly next to the hunt object. It's somewhat tacky. Still, people vary, and that may be ethically fine, considering they were there and watching hunters appear and disappear with regularity.

(from the bizarre album)

[20:33] Emilly Orr: Tch, you're not supposed to give out the locations. :p
[20:33] Kxxxxxx Qxxxx: not putting it out in Ims
[20:33] Rxx Kxxxxxx: It's a freebie from us to you. ;D
[20:33] Kxxxxxx Qxxx: just helping
[20:34] Gxxxxxx Txxxxxxx: Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill!
[20:34] Rxx Kxxxxxx: Fact
[20:34] Emilly Orr lacks a proper reference for this, she thinks, and ponders the next hunt stop.

(from the bizarre album)

And then they surrounded me, so I was very glad I left.

All in all, so far the Mesh Around hunt has been fairly effortless, and I've already made a list of stores (plural, yes!) to which I want to return. If one considers that all scavenger hunts on the grid are supposed to function as alternate advertising, I think this particular hunt is helping tremendously in that regard.

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