Thursday, June 7, 2012

turned over a new leaf, then tore right through it

Next hunt update bit:
There's been some buzz over the offensiveness of the latest Hitman game trailer. Mainly concerning latex on nuns, and really, really violent death. I'll link you to the Literal version of the trailer, so you can get an idea on why this is happening, but I'll warn you now, it's really graphic concerning violence, in general, and violence against women, specifically.

I've talked it over with loves and friends, and read more than just those two articles, but the main thing I'm taking from the whole controversy is not, per se, that it's a bad trailer--though it is...It's more, it's not reflective of behavior in-game from a protagonist who hasn't, to date, shown that level of violence to women. And, while he walks a more dangerous high-wire act than most, being a staunch Catholic and a paid assassin, still--he works quickly, cleanly, and offers help where he can.

The 47 who took on the killer nuns? Not the same man. That bothers me more than the rubber nuns with their rocket launchers being broken into blood and jagged bones.

And responsive microfluidic technology sounds really, really cool, but does it work as described? We'll know in a few years, when they're approved for touchscreen devices. but the initial video of the process in action must be seen to be believed.

Anyway, more from the Mesh Around hunt!

We're starting with a still fountain (sculpture? reflecting pond?) from Home Town:

(from the scavenging album)

This is a one-prim pond, which reads as four prims once rezzed. There's a lack of depth in the water layer, but it is nicely animated, and in the right setting, the haze of movement on the water could be taken for clouds moving overhead. Very well done.

(Added codicil, how'ver--I may be wrong on the prim count. When I verified I still had a copy in inventory, I deleted the one in the skybox, and ended up deleting just the rock ring, then the statue, then the top water prim, then the second. So be careful about that.)

(from the scavenging album)

Izzie's contribution to the hunt was a panda necklace. Not shown: it comes in a resize version, as well. Best of all? It's non-rigged, which means I could adjust it to where it needed to fall on my chest. Yay!

Next up: the outfits from [Sakide]:

(from the scavenging album)

This is the "Romantic Day" dress in yellow cotton sprigged with rosebuds. It even comes with bowed flats in the same pattern.

(from the scavenging album)

Somewhere my tail disappeared. Drat it all. Anyway, this is the "Romantic Day" dress from the back. There's a fold around the midsection, which is just slightly overcreased--some of the alpha shows through--but if you ignore that, it's a truly lovely little strapless summer dress. (I'm in the size M.)

(from the scavenging album)

Fairly sure this is the same template, but this is the "Seductive Night" dress. This one comes with black leather ankle boots.

(from the scavenging album)

Yep. Same fold. (Still size M.) Still, again, this falls very well into the "Little Black Dress" that all women are told we must have at least one of, in a pinch. It's simple, but elegant, subtly pinstriped, flirty without being trashy. Kudos to [Sakide] for a great two-in-one concept (four-in-one if you count the boots and the flats!).

(from the scavenging album)

Um. It's worth noting that for this offering from Aura, I am wearing the version designed for "larger breast". The problem? It's still rigged. Which means, as rigged mesh, not only can it not be adjusted at all, but it also moves with me when I bend.

(from the scavenging album)

And when I bend? These beads crumple and become verrrrrry unattractive.

(from the scavenging album)

Had to quick-find a camisole set I could use for pictures before putting this one on, because it's only the mesh bustier. This is Ingenue's "Lottie" bustier in Cherries Jubilee...

(from the scavenging album)

...and this is the "Lottie" bustier in Limeade. They're both fun colors and while I'm not sure I have anything that can go under them well, I think they're worth keeping. If nothing else, then as a placemark to keep an eye on the store from time to time.

Again, I'm in a size M for these, and there will be more pictures to come.


Icterus Dagger said...

I am confused the latest Hitman (and this is coming from someone who doesn't ever play such games). This doesn't change anything regarding any unusually violet or denigrating toward women that may or may not exist in the game, but if the "nuns" that get massacred are wearing fetish outfits and guns, then clearly they are not really nuns, right? Or does the game actually infer (or down right say) they *are* nuns? I mean this is clearly different, say than if he busted into a cloister and shot up a bunch of sisters at prayer, right?


Emilly Orr said...

Oh, definitely. They're clearly their own little clique of assassins, who have chosen (for whatever inexplicable reasons at this point) to show up outside 47's hotel in heavy PVC and fetish heels.

Admittedly, part of the reason I'm unhappy with it has nothing to do with the women, per se, and everything to do with 47's behavior. You don't know this, but in the second game, we meet up with him in a monastery, where he's been hired to keep the grounds. He had gotten out of the killing-people business as a deeply religious man.

Barring that, though, is the utter manipulation of his character. Hotel is hit with a rocket--he survives. (How?) He comes out and immediately lays waste to the group. (Why? We're not told.) But the very end is what galls me most--we see this ultraviolence, we are implicitly told that it's okay because cold heartless killer assassins are just like that...then 47 closes the eyes of one of the dead women at the end, thus artificially restoring his humanity.

It's a cheap shot, and the game designers should have done better.