Friday, June 15, 2012

all is dark, all of the light has vanished

(from the loss album; standing in New London Village)

I lay in bed and watch the world crack around me
soundless slow but there
silvershine progression in the chill blue dark and I
wonder how I came to be here

(from the loss album; in Witt's Harrow [Adult land])

once I had a forest
with winding leaf-strewn paths and glens
a reflecting garden in a birch grove and
a spherical pond filled with clouds

(from the loss album; in the wastelands of Fort Stygian)

the fire came and
scorched that world to ash
and I rebuilt green verdant plains
seed- heavy grasses nodding in the pale wind
and a low stone wall around a stone tower

(from the loss album; at the top of the lighthouse in Second Norway)

the tower fell and I rebuilt
high stone walls reinforced with iron
a gate that locked with a sound like regret
a shield dome made of spider-silk
spinning overhead

(from the loss album; in the ruins at PinkSpider)

the spiders came, the walls fell
the cottage guarded by stone fell
into disrepair and distrust
I abandoned it save for brief visits
once to pry open the gate that had rusted shut
and this time nothingness

(from the loss album; resting in Zain)

the ground fell away from my feet
I reconstructed the wall, the gate
the cottage from memory fighting
the inclination to sink

(from the loss album; near the rail station in Hercynia Forest)

I have a gate and it is locked
I have seeds planted to stave off despair
I have swept and cleaned and lifted
carried gathered replaced until my hands bled

(from the loss album; in the abandoned church at Armada Breakaway)

it's not enough, still not enough
but it is there, it is
all there is
the ground bare and bleak but
solid, the gate standing fixed in place

(from the loss album; looking over the water in Mushroom Ruins)

today I rebuild the wall
and we will see how it feels then

Yeah. I'm not making it to Oopskate. But I deeply appreciate the invitation.

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