Sunday, June 10, 2012

finding everything you ever wished for in your soul

Been a fun evening--I spent a few hours trying (I'm still trying, the thread has gotten HUGE) catching up on the SLU coverage of the Curio/Hush debate. Things have accelerated greatly. Point by point:
  • Gala Phoenix's ban has ended; she's back in and posted a brief summary of things as they stand.
  • There's another excinerator post that reveals yet another attempt to rip off a skin creator by Hush. (Yep, evidence is pretty damn clear now, I am taking sides.)
  • Hush items have been (at least temporarily, if not permanently) removed from the Marketplace. (Meanwhile, Gala's still not back up on the Marketplace.
  • The Blogging Elf, a few days back, ran an overview of everything involved so far.
  • The Voice blog steps in, posting links to tons of damaging images.
  • And Hush's items now can't be found in-world, either, though I'm not sure (yet) if she's actually been banned.
What we do know is Ms. Janus, the lady behind League, filed a DMCA after the pictures surfaced of the blurry removal of her watermark on her skin. Hush's counter supposedly involved the words "sue me". what? Gala's back, Hush is gone, there may well be legal action against Hush for all of this, and people are now digging for watermark info on other skins to see if they're also violating someone's IP. The Skin Addiction group, meanwhile--with a ton of influence in the maker community and oh, about eight thousand members--has clearly taken sides as well--only, they've taken Hush's side.


This is turning into an unholy mess.

In the meanwhile, someone recut Mrs. Doubtfire to make a horror trailer, really works.

In a bizarre case of gaming meets life, there's a group of devoted Australians who are working to bring Patient 0 to life. to speak...since it centers on a zombie apocalypse. Currently, they've got funding to do it, and it will start in Melbourne on the 31st of October. Any additional funds raised over the next five days will go to more bells and whistles than what they already have planned. Anyone near Melbourne interested in zombie games? Ever wanted to go toe-to-toe with zombies? This may be your chance.

The Primdolls blog mentions the DV8 closing that we've known about for a while, and also mentions Vanilla C. Designs and Aleida closing. It really does seem that Second Life has finally turned into that sinking ship. It's been more than a little distressing to watch it go down.

And, to turn this around and end it on a slightly happier note...Autotuned Mr. Rogers. Tend the garden of your mind.

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