Sunday, June 24, 2012

beams of light he's working under

I'm certainly not going to say that any crafter who chooses a price for their wares is wrong; heart, soul and effort went into every handcrafted item, all handcrafted items. I'm just saying that, price aside, this is the cutest Creeper I've ever seen.

So, going back to the Marketplace JIRA again, I find a comment from Sassy Romano:
Status: Fix Pending

•WEB-4587 (Listings with the wrong images): This is currently under test. (from )
And yes, that's the complete text of her message, but the reply to which she refers hasn't been updated since the seventh of June.

Still, for what it's worth--even though I'm fairly sure I linked this earlier in the month--here's the latest reply to that comment on a sub-thread of a forum no one reads, so it's confusing why CommerceTeam Linden still insists on hitting "reply" to that one, buried comment, over, you know, actually COMMUNICATING WITH CUSTOMERS...
Overall Marketplace

There are also several issues that occurred around the time of the Direct Delivery launch that we are still working to address, but are not issues with Direct Delivery.

  • WEB-4587 (Listings with the wrong images): This is currently under test.
  • WEB-4441 (Orders stuck in "Being Delivered" state): We have been able decrease the number of orders getting stuck and continue to work on preventing all orders from getting stuck.
  • WEB-4567 (Bulk delete fails for some merchants): We will evaluate the priority of this once we have completed the above Direct Delivery fixes and features.
  • WEB-4592 (Orders marked as "Delivery Partially Failed" on success): This is currently under investigation.
  • WEB-4696 (Deleted listings appearing in search results): We continue to investigate this issue.
  • WEB-2974 (Listing enhancement stuck in "Charging, cannot edit right now" state): We are investigating this issue.
  • WEB-4138 (Confirmation emails failing to deliver): We are currently investigating this issue.
In addition to the above issues, there have been reports of Direct Delivery purchases silently being delivered and the Merchant not getting paid (the order is marked as "Failed"). We have not been able to confirm this report and would like to investigate further, so please file a support ticket with details if you see this.
So basically, that's where we...likely still...stand: more than three months (for the Direct Delivery/corrupted database issue), possibly up to two years (for the original corruption when moving from XStreet to SL Marketplace) it any wonder people are reaching their breaking points?

And seriously, people, how many sim-owners, merchants, institutions, corporate accounts, and even average consumer customers have to leave Second Life before the Lindens take this seriously? Because right now, all we're seeing is "hey, thanks for your patience, we're working on it"--which is being sent into a sub-thread instead of any of the other avenues of communication the Lindens have.

For completion's sake, those are:
Is it sinking in yet?

If the Lindens wanted to be excessively arcane about it, they could even choose one of these:
  • SL Universe (while not owned by the Lindens, messages could be left and reach a more diverse section of the population, including merchants and sim owners who are more directly impacted by Marketplace dysfunction)
  • the SL Universe Twitter feed (again, not owned by the Lindens, but they could easily hashtag a response to the feed, which again, would reach more people than CommerceTeam Linden making eternal replies to a buried forum thread)
  • the Second Life Wikipedia page (again not a main avenue of communication, but hey, for fun and profit they could create a page here, then link it on their Twitter feed)
  • the New World Notes blog (which has a large readership, and being run by a former Linden, has a certain trust cachet built-in)
  • Tateru Nino's blog (which isn't operated by a former Linden, as far as I know, but is also a generally trusted resource for actual journalistic details)
What they seem to fail to realize, any time this comes up, is how many diverse sources for spreading information they actually have. Do they ever use any of these? Beyond the forums, and scattered personal letters (some of which, in the past, have been radically wrong and drama-laden themselves), I'd have to say the answer is no, more often than it's anything else.

So why doesn't a company who wants to reach its customers persist in avoiding 98% of all forms of direct communication with those customers? Got me. I've never been able to figure that one out.

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