Wednesday, June 20, 2012

light, I haven't always been under such a blue

I suppose a very special cake is needed when steampunks graduate...I'm just not entirely sure it's that one.

And, for anyone following this travesty along at home, send a special prayer of thanks to your mutated gods for this news: the TMNT reboot feature film has been shut down until 2014. Paramount is citing "script issues"; me personally, I think that's called karma.

Now, then. Recently I joined a new event group in SL, based on a side mention on the Malfean Visions shop blog. I really loved the look of her "Noctem" gown, and, even more impressive, for the price of a standard outfit from Bare Rose, I would have the chance to acquire the gown, gloves, stockings, and fully sculpted boots. Where do I sign up?!?

The Dead Dolls blog went into a few more of the prizes. I rushed down, bought the gown--because I was trying to save everything else for rent--and told myself to come back later to look over the other offerings.

I had time, right? This event was running until the end of the month, and then, likely, there'd be new offerings from designers I favor. Woo!

Late last night, a notice hit the inbox:
Group Notice From: :::::::PARANOIA::::::::, Zombina Gunawan

i apologize for any invoncenience but I have decided to end the event early so that I can clear the sim before i have to be offline for some time. Movers are coming in a few days to get my things and so I will not be around. Also, the event was getting very low traffic as was the rest of the Dead Dolls sim and so the decision was made to just cut out losses. again, I'm very sorry to anyone that this causes an issue for and thank you to everyone for participating.
Wau. I guess I'm glad I picked up the Noctem gown first, but...wau.

So this didn't just kill the Paranoia event itself; it likely also killed the Paranoia group, the Dead Dolls sim, and, I'd hazard the guess, the Dead Dolls group as well. What the hell happened?

In the meantime, Dead Social may be the creepiest thing in the history of creepy ideas--namely, setting up an account while one still breathes, to continue interacting in the world through proxy after one has...well, stopped breathing:
Dead Social could be of interest to celebrities as well. "Imagine if Amy Winehouse had had an account," enthuses Norris. "She could have included unreleased material or dished on her affair with Pete Doherty." Norris says he can easily see the day when music labels make it mandatory for stars to open a Dead Social account.
Oh, hell no. That's just disturbing on SO many levels.

Finally, I leave you with definitive proof of something we've long since suspected: cats can't drive.

That is all.

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