Saturday, June 2, 2012

I can see myself, I look peaceful and pale, but underneath I can barely inhale

There's a very simple three-picture post on the Hush/Curio debate, and...barring the next bout of evidentiary mud-slinging...that pretty much cinches it for me. There's a better point-by-point definition on Salome's blog, which goes into very explicit detail. As I've already said, I do have a bias, but it's difficult to remain even partially objective towards Hush Skins--and their creator--at this point.

I think as both of us are trying to remain as objective as we can, neither of us can say with total surety that Hush is at fault. But the evidence is pretty clearly leading in that direction. In short, it looks very, very bad.

There is apparently heat landing on Ms. Phoenix for staying quiet during this debacle--I'd point readers towards the second comment here as being representative of the how and why of the Phoenix-directed ire--but at this point, evidence, while piling up, is still largely circumstantial. No one says a designer of any stripe has to step up and answer--particularly if they're hanging back to build their legal defense against potentially improper and spurious legislation.

So, Issue 23 has now launched in City of Heroes, and the one thing that seems to be puzzling most of us is not the unstable nature of the new zones and transport tunnels, nor the added new high-level content, nor even the chainmail and leather armor sets which all VIP subscribers got for free--but instead, the aging of a teen character...which strikes a lot of us as odd.

We're talking specifically about Penelope Yin, who used to look like this:

(from the media album)

when she lived in Faultline. She was a young teen psychic who had the mysterious ability to communicate mind to "mind" with the self-motivating Clockwork. Many of us  got used to her running around in her softball uniform and camo pants, trying to save her father...over and over and over again. (Oh, the tragic fate of NPCs.)

Now she looks like this:

(from the media album)

So there is--understandably, I think--a bit of confusion. Partially because as far as we all knew, she was maybe fourteen or fifteen, and now she looks twenty-three to twenty-five, easy, and--how does that work? Was she enspelled? Did her psychic whahoosiwhasits metaphysically age her up? And what the hell is up with her outfit??

I'm serious about the outfit thing. Most of us would accept the bared midriff with bare legs, or accept the braced midsection bit if it had an under-layer of white spandex to match the white tights. As it is, especially with the chrome muttonchops:

(from the media album)

no-longer-young Miss Penelope looks really, really odd.

Also, the end is nigh. It's been good knowing all of you. See you after the zombie apocalypse!

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