Friday, June 8, 2012

jazz on a summer's day

It is possible to drown in nostalgia. Though the thing is, that's still happening. Nearly all of the hunt pics I've been posted? Feature one of the Relic pieces in the background. (I flipped it out into the work studio so all I have to do is cam up and sit, and I'm in there. I *could* set up a teleporter, but for now it's functional, and I'm fine with that.)

Guess who I heard from!
I am in the band This Way to the Egress,.... you wrote about us in your blog a few years back...
That's from Sarah Shown, and yes, the band is still active! Granted, the last time I wrote about them was in 2009, but they're still playing.
Yes, Taylor is still fronting the band however him and I have long since been partners, we do all of the decision making together. I do believe we are still posted under gilded age, however we arent currently very proactive with them, we are in a search for a manager and label before we release our next album early spring of 2013.
Not that this blog's big on the industry end of things, but if you are looking for a dark cabaret band, do contact them, it could be fun.

I was sent a "new" promo video--I say "new" in quotes because it's from their last album, showing a ton of their live shows:

And I found this one on my own, which is worth a perusal:

That's from a live performance at the Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey, 2010.

I'll work on getting more info, but in the meantime, yay for band survival! As much as I love tracking down new musicians, it's always an ache when they disband. This Way to the Egress is very much alive and kicking.

They now have their own website, in addition to their Facebook page, a ReverbNation listing, and a Twitter feed. Reach out and make contact. They're more than willing to play.

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