Friday, September 23, 2016

your hand, my hand, fits so easy

I found a place called Fear World, and I cannot conceive of why they gave it that name.

From Devil Duck Halloween's greeter:
"[01:28] Devil Duck Halloween Greeter:
Hi Emilly Orr, welcome to Moochie. Please respect our no nudity policy, and have fun exploring. There are nooks and crannies to be found throughout, if you're willing to step into the darkness..."
Interesting. It's Moderate land, so nothing hugely sexual or gory is going to leap for my face, right?

Actually, exactly right. It's a short walk through the autumn woods to get to the lights.

The reflections on the water are incredible. It's such a beautiful patch of land.

Closer to the center clearing, there are pumpkins under apple trees, crisp leaves underfoot.

In the clearing, there are dances, and fires to warm the night if the dancing didn't fire the blood enough. Just past it, eldritch lights lead to a small kirkyard, near the shore.

It hasn't been greatly maintained, but old family plots often aren't. Maybe the islanders have a larger cemetary, somewhere, and this one's just for the locals. careful in the small church, if you go. Something fairly dark is in there, and might just be...hungry. Still, everything is is warm, and comforting, and if you find the right bench near the docks, you can get a wonderful pumpkin spice latte.

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