Sunday, September 25, 2016

a little voice in my head said so

Welcome to Deeproot Manor in Mormo.

Outside, there's a lot of the typical--the haunted manor we've seen before, the trees with glowing skulls, the wraiths along the path. It's nicely done, but nothing will leap out at onlookers at being vitally original.

There are some neat furnishings and set pieces inside. I'm really liking whomever's doing all the heavy cobweb work this year, because it goes SO well with haunts. This room, also, had a changing picture above the sideboard, the images fading in and out, almost...ghostly. That was well done.

The basement had some intriguing moments, as well. Like this one--floating, burning embers in front of a skull bas-relief on the back wall. Why? For what reason? It's not explained, but sometimes, good things don't need to be.

This was another lovely side table, with another shifting image above. Vintage and spooky.

Upstairs, another pretty typical nursery haunt, but...I liked the eyes under the bed.

And up in the attic, the scariest thing in the entire house. Brrr! I left right after seeing this.

I'd say this one is worth a wander. Don't expect jumpscares, don't expect a ton of the creepy and disturbing, but for what it is, it's pretty well done.

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