Saturday, September 24, 2016

with all the blood I lost with you, it drowns the love I thought I knew

How about a hayride? That's nice and calming after zombie attacks, right?


There's a few freebies in a small shack before you port to the actual rails for the ride, but once there, the rules are posted pretty clearly for the ride. Seems simple enough.

Strange, demi-human trees (the so-called "Slenderman" tree is a freebie in the first area), low tully fogs, bone chimes--it definitely sets the right theme.

And then spiders. Lots of spiders. Lots of big spiders.

Obviously, some of the hayride carts didn't make it through...

This area--I'm only showing two pictures from it--if you're a fan of Japanese horror, you'll completely understand why this area is creepy. And if you have a thing about eyes...well, these are very realistic, glossy, floating eyes that follow the cart as it moves through. Very unnerving.

And then the ghosts, cascading waterfalls of ghosts over the red pools of liquid and the dark, reaching hands...

...followed by tentacles. And the cart moving close to the reaching, sucking mouth--

This is one of the haunts I'm going to revisit. This was an absolute joy start to finish, full of creepy fun and thrills. There are moments that made me smile and moments that made me shiver, but not once did I think, "Oh, this has been done to death..." That's not to say every idea in this ride is original. They're not. But it's all in how the haunt makers combine the expected elements. You can use the tried and true and still make it fresh, still make it 'new', in a sense.

I'd say, by all means make this a stop in October. I doubt you'll regret it.

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