Thursday, September 15, 2016

bury me, bury me

Found a haunt in Poison Apple. My first reaction was "Hmm...":

Because I have zero idea what the sign is trying to tell me. But at least they're offering special balloon lights? That's a neat concept, over the traditional flashlight giveaways.

So...yes, these are likely ripped meshes from other games, but the use to which they're being put is the interesting part, here. These children--the one dead-faced boy with the toy, the three blood-spattered, dead-eyed older girls--are all slowly, leisurely spinning in the shallows of the swamp. They're not doing anything else, there's no sound cues, they're just...there. It's eerie.

Oookay. If anyone speaks Japanese, do let me know what this sign and the first sign said? Because I'm too Anglicized, I'm not good at remembering "deer-ski chalet-little shack-pinecone in holder-man running from explosion", instead of actual English letters. Hopelessly plebian, I know, but it's also what stopped me learning Russian. I was fine hearing it, but seeing it in Cyrillic kept throwing me.

That is the creepiest mannequin I've seen in my life. And I've seen a lot of creepy mannequins.

(To be continued in part two...)

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