Monday, September 19, 2016

I put my soul in what I do

All right, I have some dread about this next one, and not the usual haunted house fears. Let me show you what I mean by quoting their event introduction:
babygirls nightmares

great for a fantasticly spooky time
movies maze haunted house monsters
jig games
cuddles and sexy time places
good for the dd/bg or any couple
or just a group of friends
Hmm. Okay, so for anyone who doesn't yet know--and this particular haunt is on Adult-rated land, one would assume for activities throughout the rest of the year--DD/lg (sometimes, as here, DD/bg) has taken off in a rather large way on SL. The acronym stands for Daddy Dom/little girl, or Daddy Dom/babygirl, and basically refers to a form of ageplay (ooh, I know, that Dreaded Word) wherein the dominant plays a father figure (or mother; "Mommy Dommes" use the acronym Cg/l for the most part, standing for Caregiver/little) and the submissive plays their child, ward, adopted urchin, what-have-you.

How does this differ from the 'average' ageplay, which is pretty much banned grid-wide? First, no child avatars are used. Second, though the submissive may engage in childlike behaviors--coloring, collecting stuffed animals, using pacifiers and "sippy cups", just to name a few--when sex is involved, it is always as adult to adult. (And throughout most of the DD/lg community RL, that holds true as well--the 'daddies' do not take underage, unconsenting bodies, but adult bodies capable of full consent.

Nevertheless, this particular form of BDSM squicks a great many people, and, while the Lindens have not yet stomped it flat, they may take a whim to do so. Sims like this, then, function in the hinterland of not being well understood, so are largely left alone.

But to the haunt! From the landing point, there are unearthly moans, growls, squeals and howls, and the land itself seems the standard vibrant purple/orange/acid green of more commercial haunts. Hmm...let's see if that impression changes.

Happy little ghosties, multicolored waters, big spooky spiders wandering in small prescribed really is sort of a child's fantasy of Halloween.

Campfire, complete with spangled blanket fort for cuddles from the spooks.

Ran into a well on my way from the campfire, and actually got startled by the girl that leapt out of the water. I had to wait for the effect to leave, then rez again before I caught what she was saying. Using a quote from one of my favorite bad movies for the sound, that was inspired.

Soooo much color on this parcel...though that dog-like, stitched thing is genuinely unnerving.

Speaking of unnerving...armed teddy bears? No thank you!

There is a parcel locked off to a particular group where their...uh...unicorns are kept, but beyond that, it's a wide, expansive haunt full of fun, bright colors, places to rest (or cuddle), and occasional jump-scares. I'm surprised in that I'm actually recommending this as a haunt stop for the year. It's a lot of fun, and well worth the time it will take to wander.

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