Sunday, September 11, 2016

let us die young or let us live forever

Apparently the Grolier Codex's authenticity has finally been confirmed. After fifty years of dismissing its authenticity, it has now been positively dated as being from the era, which gives us now four (instead of, as previously believed, three) books that survived the Maya civilization's destruction.

On to other things. I danced for a bit last night at the Vortex Club, and it is quite the fascinating place. Don't attend unless you can handle a large amount of scripted effects--nearly everything spins, glows, flashes, moves, twists, or is otherwise scripted in some fashion. There is a great deal of bright color, too, so if you're not the brightly colorful sort, well...

The music was trance, most of it original electronic mixes, and for a bit was even the top trending stream on Shoutcast while I was there.

All due to the DJ, DJDeanT, who works spinning tunes RL as well as SL. He introduced me to a new term while I was there, "kidult", which is a concept I can get behind, for all that most of my interests are most definitely adult.

[15:26] Gemini Enfield: I love torrential rain in a strange town

Well, to be fair, I do too. Mr. Enfield, by the way, owns the Vortex, and his regular patrons seem to adore him.

So, apparently, Loki Eliot built the club, which makes it child-friendly territory--the sim, Whippersnapper, is rated General--but for music this good, who really minds? I may come next week in one of the Iron Tinies.

Though I should warn you--they do have active 'child protection' defenses in place, in the place of Dave the Swear Pig. One must pay the Swear Pig ten Lindens if one swears, and one of the words--I am dead serious about this--is "camp". So mind your language whilst there.

DJDeanT plays there every Saturday, at least two to four pm, SLT.

Plus they have a StarGate! How awesome is that?


Edward Pearse said...

Loki's sim Escapades is just to the south of Whippersnapper.

Emilly Orr said...

That makes sense. So it's just a child-friendly arrangement of sims, not just one child-friendly club.

I should say "all ages" club, because there were clearly teens there as well. I will also say that, during my two-plus hours there, not a single person spoke in that annoying 'baby patois' that makes me seethe with rage. They were just kids, of various ages, spinning some great music, dancing, having fun. I can cope with that.