Friday, September 23, 2016

screaming, crying, perfect storms

Somewhere in Spain, there's an abandoned doll factory the locals believe is cursed. I'm not saying whether it is or isn't; I'm saying that it doesn't matter whether it is, because the pictures on their own are nightmare fuel.

If you really want to be haunted, what about a few photographs of abandoned toys...from Chernobyl? Twenty-five years and counting, and it's only getting worse. The insect life and plants are also getting very strange.

In other news, I heard tell of a haunted TARDIS, so of course I had to investigate. I'm so glad that I did.

Just from the outset, any Doctor Who fan who's also rated to visit Adult-rated sims should absolutely visit this haunt, for the pictures alone, if nothing else. It doesn't just focus on the Time Lords, either; the Companions are well and truly represented.

In fact, scattered throughout there are some of the villains from the show. It's truly a fan's paradise, in that sense.

The console is...strange. Divination by design, where it would be more art than science to maneuver this TARDIS through time and space. Runes for travel, runes for the wheel of the year, runes for storms coming--well, perhaps that's not exactly surprising, considering all manifestations of the Doctor.

Material pleasures, utter devastation, and large life changes--I'm not sure I want to see the other two cards. And a Ouija board for part of the controls? That's not safe, unless one is only trying to reach other haunted spaces.

Certainly an inviting corner, to be sure.

If one has sounds on, one is treated to additional intrigues--sourceless crying, of a Companion in distress? Shattering glass from a hallway whose windows only show stars. The ceaseless cries of "Let me IN!" in a growling, masculine voice.

Part of the conceit of this haunt is the attempt, on part of visitors, to locate the lost Time Lord. There are few clues, and perhaps the mystery is more intended to haunt, itself, than to be solved.

Can Daleks become waterlogged and cease functioning? Or is their armor plating sealed from the elements? Could this Dalek function if removed from the tank?

All in all, there is every reason for a fan with a lure towards the macabre to visit. There are secrets I'm choosing not to reveal, because the exploration is part of the fun. Do try to investigate every nook and cranny if you go; I think you'll genuinely enjoy it.

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