Wednesday, September 14, 2016

look in my eyes, you're killing me, killing me

Next, Tayren's Fashions has a haunt this year?

Apparently so--there's a signpost for it, just past the gazebo. I elected to enter the Caverns first.

Where are there are dragons, and skeletons, and crystals, and many, many very bad men with big knives.

See? Dragon.

Past the caverns, it's really more of a haunted nature walk than anything. There are small thatched cottages, some of them with things inside; there's a tavern with ghost dancers and intriguingly creepy foods. But they're really more set pieces, in feeling.

Not that set pieces are bad. Too many, with too many different themes, and it's just Hallows clutter; but this was designed with a definite ethic in mind, and it all ties together very well.

Oh, and...there's a zombie horse you can ride. does rather ill things to your avatar. Still, if you want the ride more than you want a whole neck...feel free!

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