Saturday, September 24, 2016

what if I wanted to fight, beg for the rest of my life--what would you do?

"Into the dark, damp and deep, the wary Em did creep..." Dark Sewers, anyone? Yeah, I wasn't that keen on the concept either, but at least I had sturdy boots, and I was running out of places to check!

...Oh. Damn. I hate zombies.

Well...let's check the weaponry, at least.

Hmm. Sword and, I'm not that accurate. Gun and knife? I don't like guns. Baseball bat? Guess it's the baseball bat, then.

[23:29] GCS Brain Terminal v2.40: You Have lost 0 xp from dieing

Can't even spell 'dying' right. Okay, I'm done.

If you like combat, feel free to jump in--they offer several weapons for free, plus a mesh mining helmet that allows you hand-free lighting for the dark corridors. Me, it's just not my thing. This is a heavy combat zone--in the main sewer portion, they just keep generating, dead men, dead women, swimming half-corpses, crawlers...and in each room off the main corridor, the stakes go up--they're bigger, stronger, faster. Grab a shotgun and get to the killing--or just move on, like I did, and recognize this just isn't my idea of fun.
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