Thursday, September 8, 2016

I turned on my TV and somebody blew up

I found topiary hair at SWANK:

Now, don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying this is bad hair. It looks good, the texturing is very nice, I have no complaints about that. While I'd never wear it off a runway as a model for some avant-garde designer, I can see uses for it (mostly, as said fashion model, or for certain photographs that need that couture air). I'm just saying it stood out. Standard template dress, standard template dress, bulky 'statement' necklace, standard template jeans, standard template dress...TOPIARY HAIR. You know?

And there's a new rail map for all of Caledon's rail lines. You're welcome.

Next up, a slice of conversation from a creators' collective. For once, I'm only partially anonymizing the chat capture, and here's why: I'm choosing to leave the creator's name in, which will identify the group. I'm anonymizing all other names, but doing that means it's going to be obvious this is from Meli Imako's user group, so I'm not trying to hide that fact. For everything else, my usual X's apply.

It all started here:
[12:02] Jxxxxx Sxxxx: Do anyone have 10 lindens to give me Please !? OMG , i'm Desperate !! my rent will expíre in 1 hour and i had to Break up with my EX and had to pay those 10l to remove a partner on profile ... and now i need it back some How , is it possible to anyone to Help me ? ( i'm sorry for asking)
Now, we've seen hundreds of these messages, nearly all concerning a desperate need to pay rent, over the past few months. It's the big new scam, which some people are still falling for, for some reason. This one, though, is slightly different because it's not asking for the standard sum of L$1250 for rent. This one's more nebulous as to exactly how much is supposedly 'needed'.
[12:02] Rxxx Sxxxxxxxx: oh yay more spam
[12:02] txxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh! that's new!
[12:02] Axxx Pxxxxxxxx: maan that's a good one
[12:03] Txxxxxx Axxxxx: i can smell the sarcasm in that message
Well, it wasn't so much sarcasm, as simple contempt, but hey, the two conditions have been frequently conflated.
[12:03] Cxxxxx Cxxxxxx: OMG Get a freaking job or live in a sandbox
[12:03] Sxxx Fxxxxxxxx: You dont have a partner [Jxxxxx] lol
[12:03] jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[12:03] Lxxxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: if you loose your home for 10L then your landlord are nothing but greedy
[12:03] Axxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: certainly different
[12:03] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow this is new....
[12:03] Exxx Cxxxxxxx: Hardly seems worth it for need a new business plan.
Or the estate owner does. Who rents a place for L$10 on the grid? That would have to be a matchbox. An unfurnished matchbox, at that.
[12:03] Lxxxxxx Zxxxx: lol...
[12:03] Cxxxxx Cxxxxxx: lol
[12:03] Pxxxx Gxxxxx: hahahahha
[12:03] gxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxxxx: please do not beg, u could have waited to remove your partner at a later time if u r about to loose your sim
Wait, he didn't mention being in danger of losing his entire sim for said L$10, so where did that idea come from?
[12:03] jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: as i know 60 L divorce lol
When did it become L$30 to unpartner??
[12:03] Txxxxxx Axxxxx: hands him a tissue for his issue
[12:03] Rxxx Sxxxxxxxx: besides, it's 25L$ to unpartner someone
It's gone up, then.
[12:03] Sxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: unpartneren cost 25OL , just saying.... so I guess you're still partnered!!!! [12:03] Mxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: o.O I know there's inaccurate info flying about, because it is not L$250 per person to unpartner!
[12:03] Cxxxxx Cxxxxxx: you suppose that was a typo as they always ask for 100
[12:03] Mxxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: DO YOU GOT REFERENCES
[12:03] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: god to funny
[12:03] Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Please Tell me why we are discussing this in a Group chat meant to talk about Meli Imako's Clothes?
Uh...because not everything that is discussed in the Meli Imako group is about Meli Imako's products? Some of it is just about creating in general, designing, texturing, events, or our SL or RL lives.
[12:03] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: rofllll
[12:03] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: if you actually read it he said he used the 10l to departner lol
[12:04] nxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wants some tissues
[12:04] jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 60 l to pay... not 10
Does anyone know how much it costs to unpartner someone in this chat?!?
[12:04] Sxxxxxxxx Oxxxxx: it is 25 is it not lol
[12:04] JXX Bxxxxx: besides it costs $25 to unpartner
I just don't know anymore.
[12:04] Nxxxxx Txxxxxx: lol [12:04] Mxxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: LOL ~~! [12:04] Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am a Mentor for this group Please Tell me why you are talking about this here?
Uh..."Mentor"? I thought this group--in fact, most groups in my experience--have moderators, not "Mentors".
[12:04] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: O.o
[12:04] Axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha love how everyone starts talking about it
[12:04] Lxxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: closing this note lol tc all
[12:04] Kxxxx Mxxx: Because there was someone begging [Pxxxx]
[12:04] Mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: think it was a joke
We all wish it were, but no, it's not a joke, it's not a troll, it's the latest scam on the grid, because residents keep FALLING FOR IT! STOP! STOP BEING NICE TO THE SCAMMERS!
[12:04] Oxx Zxxx: Some one spammed the group asking for 10l
[12:04] Exxx Cxxxxxxx: heh they have moved on to the next group by now anyway.
As scammers are wont to do. Join a group, hit the group, leave the group, pick the next group. Rinse, repeat, burn.
[12:04] Cxxxxx Cxxxxxx: Because it is a scammer begging in here
[12:04] Lxxxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: @ [Pxxxx] ...because of this

[12:02] Jxxxxx Sxxxx: Do anyone have 10 lindens to give me Please !? OMG , i'm Desperate !! my rent will expíre in 1 hour and i had to Break up with my EX and had to pay those 10l to remove a partner on profile ... and now i need it back some How , is it possible to anyone to Help me ? ( i'm sorry for asking)
[12:04] Sxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: yes unpartneren is 25L$ so congrats you're not divorced ;-)
[12:04] nxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yea someone begging
[12:05] Pxxxx Gxxxxx: new Idea
At this point, no, it's becoming an ollllld idea.
[12:05] Exxx Cxxxxxxx: human nature. We must at least enjoy some snarking out of it. lol
[12:05] Sxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx: it was a nice story if al things where in the right spot, for sure
[12:05] Exxx Cxxxxxxx: back to work!
[12:05] nxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If your a mentor then you should kick that person out of this group
[12:05] Pxxxx Gxxxxx: me too bye
Because remember, this is a group comprised mainly of designers, creators, builders. Whether or not they chat in the group, most of the time they're working on something.
[12:06] Lxxxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: work is boring [Exxx]
[12:06] Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well he will be Banned today an anyone else caught talking about stuff that is not pertaining to Meli's clothes or questions concerning it
[12:06] Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
That's awfully high-handed. Are you sure you're representing the interest of all the collective behind Meli Imako? Because this is another group that talks over a wide variety of topics, not all of them pertaining strictly to Meli Imako clothing and products.
[12:06] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: I think that they really aren't after Linden's *most* but actually here to intrude - distract - and cause grief
No, I think they're mostly here to suck Lindens out of peoples' wallets and channel them off the grid.
[12:06] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: o.0
[12:06] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: so anyways
[12:06] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: good [Pxxxx] :)
[12:07] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: and we just have to keep standing up to them
[12:07] Lxxx Fxxxx: [Pxxxx] Mentor?
[12:07] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: i think she means monator
"Monator"? What is a "monator"?
[12:07] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: for the group
[12:08] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: or moderator really
[12:08] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: thats it
Ah. Okay. Carry on.
[12:08] Lxxx Fxxxx: O.O
[12:08] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: ty [cxxxxxx]
[12:08] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: like [Txxx] :)
[12:08] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: yw
[12:08] Mxxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: nods...
[12:09] Hxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:

[12:06] Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well he will be Banned today an anyone else caught talking about stuff that is not pertaining to Meli's clothes or questions concerning it
--- I just wonder what Meli will say about her group members being threatened like this.
I do too, honestly.
[12:09] Cxxxxx Cxxxxxx: most groups are grateful when you warn about scammers
Most groups are. I think this one is, too. Things just got a little...unexpectedly tense.
[12:10] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: let her know [Hxxxxxx], meli may not appreciate it, idk
[12:10] Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Guess what she made me a mentor of this group to stop this kinds of things for going on so if you think you have been wronged for you actions plz by all means report me to her. I think she will find that I have just cause since she appointed me to handle these things
Awfully cocky, aren't you, Mm. [Pxxxx]?
[12:10] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: i have to agree there cus the description does not say we cant talk in here
[12:11] Hxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Already on it [Pxxxx] :)
There was a minimal break wherein there was actual talk concerning a Meli Imako product...I've trimmed that out for, well, hardly brevity at this point, but to make things more focused.
[12:14] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: im looking forward to hopeully her making the pic i posted on her FB page
[12:14] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: the jellydolls are annoying tho
[12:14] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: anyone get a chance to see it
[12:14] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: i haven't, i avoid facebook lol
[12:14] Cxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Jellydolls?
Yeah, it's something tied to the new Avatar Rendering Complexity, I think it is? You can set a figure, and anything above that figure won't be rendered.
[12:14] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: beleive the more likes it gets she will make it she made one i posted before
[12:15] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: and i absolutly loved it
[12:15] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: yeah, it's new thing LL is doing to cut down lag
[12:15] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: you set your own complexity limit in your viewer preferences
[12:15] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: hope everyone voted for the sept gift
Slight whiplash conversation diversion, to voting for the September group gift.
[12:15] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: we have to vote for something?
[12:16] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: dont pic the male one though lol
[12:16] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: He always puts 4 or 5 on a flicer page to vote for for the monthly gift
He? He who?
[12:17] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: oh I had no idea :)
[12:17] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: thank you
[12:18] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: FB is evil lol
[12:18] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: just kidding
[12:18] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: haha
[12:18] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: [Cxxxxxx]
[12:18] Gxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxx: I agree :))
Well, I do too, which is why I don't use Facebook. But regardless, there is a voting contest every month, with the photo that gains the most votes being the one made as the group gift. You can see the individual potential gifts here:

Denim peeptoe lace-up heels
Palace Heritage dress and veil (based on Iplehouse Fashion's Persiana set)
Chiffon Strapless Ruched dress
'Helen of Troy' fashion dress (likely not with boots)
Mens' 'Winter Fashion' outfit (likely also not with boots)
[12:18] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: well you can follow Meli and vote on twitter as well
[12:20] Mxxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: lol i want them all!!!!
[12:20] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: i only want Heritage to win lol
To be honest, I do too, but I don't have Facebook. Wait, there's a Twitter voting option?
[12:21] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: hanggg onnn
[12:21] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: the male outfit is gay as ussual so Meli should stick to female stuff
Oh, and we were doing so well, all this time and no explicit gay slurs...until now.
[12:21] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: im going lol
[12:22] Rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Okay, I'm gonna say one thing, cause I'm not exactly happy how my wife was just jumped on. My wife said she would be banning the person who was begging for the L$, and that this group was indeed for Meli Imako's clothing and designs. As stated in her group charter the group is for, Meli Imako News, Updates, Requests, and special offers. That is the understanding that I see here is the group was for her business, not anything else. If you feel that a business group for a store is to talk about other things, feel free to ask the owner/creator of the group. Hope you all have a great day.
Which sounded fairly even-handed, all things considered, and I actually approved of his tone, if not his grammar. But right after that...
[12:22] MX Bxx: Hello everybody, please ignore [Pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx]'s comments relating to you only need to talk about Meli Imako clothes, as long as there is no griefing, spamming, scamming, ranting, you are free to talk any subject as this is also a community group.
Because Mm. [Bxx] is a part of the Meli Imako collective; moreover, as a member of the collective, [Bxx] stands slightly above a "Mentor". But the inherent problem with that? Dressing down Mm. [Pxxxx] in public like this. Does that mean she's no longer a mod for the group? Has she been demoted? Whatever it is, I doubt anyone will trust anything she says, from this point, who was there for her high-handed tirade.
[12:23] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: smdh
[12:23] Rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx points up.
[12:23] Wxxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: Thanks [MX] :) thought it was a little extreme
[12:23] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: ty [MX]
[12:23] Gxxxxxx Pxxxxxx: [Bxx], I think most of us knew that already
[12:23] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: but the chater does NOT say we cant talk
No, it doesn't, and it never has, as far as I know.
[12:24] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: i met most of my good friends in here
[12:24] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: Metal are the votes up yet for this months ??
[12:25] Txxxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: I already banned the begger
[12:25] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: i dont think so but didnt notice a time line
[12:25] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: ty MX Bxx
[12:25] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: yeah i seen it now
[12:25] gxxxxxxx Fxxxxxxxxx: you can vote until Sept 10th
[12:25] Jxxxx Gxxxxx: you can vote im looking now
[12:26] Txxxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: I still need to vote...i couldn't make up my mind
[12:26] Mxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: vote heratige lol
[12:26] Gxxxxxx Pxxxxxx: same with me [Txxxxxx], I couldn't pick just one
Unfortunately, the group members have to pick just one. But yes, that was the minor drama that broke out in chat. I suppose the ultimate lesson is, know who you're making a moderator, if you're a group owner...and, if you're a moderator in a given group, don't be an ass.

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