Monday, September 26, 2016

I wanna find that love of twenty-two, here at thirty-three

This one starts on the ground, but then you touch a cauldron full of fog, and that will port you to the skybox of terrible things. Or spooky things. Or, well...things.

Whatever they are.

By the way, tip to any haunt planners reading along: make sure, if you're running a haunt, to change your estate time away from "bright sunny midday". Unless your haunt is staggeringly creepy, even by daylight.

Also, I realize, skybox, one wants to fit all the things they desire in, but...wau, this looks crowded.

Sooooo, so busy.

In spite of the overcrowding, there's really not much here. Two freebies, one random, one dance; witch's cottage and a minimal spooky forest; some pumpkins. That's about it. Small photo-op with a bench inside. It's not tragically bad, don't get me wrong, but I'm wishing they had more room than just the teeny skybox to play in.

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