Wednesday, September 21, 2016

for you, for you, I would hold a deadly viper in my hand

The info box for Haunted Isle read:
"Haunted Isl! creepy, spooky, dark Island. Dragon Tour Rides - 7Seas Fishing. Vampire RP Dongeon !Fear the Zombies! Enjoy high country in the snow. Open Land, public.
Oh, dear gods.

Okay. Here we go again.

Wait...I have been here before...haven't I?

One of the Dragon boats used to ferry visitors around the sim.

No, the trees are different, the plants, but...damn, this is familiar.

The inside of the main house...the furnishings are different, of course, but the layout's the same...because the build is the same.

Well, that face is not conducive to resting.

Eldritch lights fill the woods, sliding between the the dark trees like ultraviolet shadows. Pretty in its own way...

There are some quiet spots, tucked around and about, perfect for photo ops. This one has popcorn and wine.

So, I did some quick scanning whilst out of the rain, found out that this build comes from Pandemonium, and this makes the third entry this year that's using it.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Ms. Quintessa's builds,'s so odd to see one of them everywhere.

And then the zombies got me, so...any other secrets of this build, you'll have to find for yourself.

My conclusion? If you like atmosphere, if you like people who've put some thought into their might like this one. It's not a story place, it's more an experience place, and sure, they take a few stumbles, but for the most part, it's well-put-together, and nicely done.

Even if it's the third time I've seen the build.

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