Tuesday, September 20, 2016

hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)

You know that group I've blogged on in the past, the one that's primarily for freebies and sales for endowed ladies? They're at it again:
[18:17] Bxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: submissive slut ready to be used
[18:17] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: whooooooa
[18:18] Cxxxxxxx Jxxxxx: tmi
WAAAAY TMI, there, B. Hold your horses.
[18:18] Sxxxxxxx Cxxxx: Lol
[18:18] Cxxxxxxx Jxxxxx: hahahhahahaha
[18:18] Sxxxxx Rxxxx: Who cares?
[18:18] Sxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx: lmfao
[18:18] Txxxxxx Fxxxxxxxxxxx: umm wrong chat? (I hope)
Well, obviously, wrong chat. The interesting thing is, this isn't the first time it's happened.
[18:18] Gxxx Exxxxxxxx: Might not be the right group for that.
[18:18] mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This is not the chat for that
[18:18] Sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wrong group for that.
[18:18] Uxxxxxx Pxxxxxx: COME CLEAN MY HOUSE!!
[18:18] cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wonderful, take it elsewhere
Pretty much. I mean, most of my groups contain kinky people--not usually openly advertised, but lists of groups, attire that nearly always features collars, occasional slips of 'Yes Sir' or 'Yes Miss'--it's pretty prevalent in SL, and it's no big deal.

What's unique about this one is not the slip, it's the intent. She was openly advertising. Why would she advertise in a group comprised mainly of women, unless that was exactly the target audience she was looking for?
[18:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hunny no
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: kneel before me
[18:18] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o.O
[18:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we talk abt skin not being in just skin
Actually, that's not entirely true either. We've discussed, in depth, nipple sizes, areolae shading, the differences in nipple styles between implant brands, how well the nipple shading complements the shading on lower skin bits. We've even discussed the demensions, shading and hues of lower bits.

The difference, though, between skin and bits comparison, and open invitations for sex, is pretty vast, though. So in that sense, she's right.
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I need to put my legs up
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol [oxxxxx]
[18:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: calm down hunny
[18:18] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haha wrong chat dearie
[18:18] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: might not be right chat
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wtf
[18:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not in this group
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: SL is nuts :)
Nearly always.
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: let's share, [oxxxxx]. i could use a house cleaning
[18:18] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[18:19] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in rl or sl?
[18:19] wxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg really in this chat shake my head
[18:19] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [bxxxx], how are your vacuuming skills?
I guarantee you, that wasn't the kind of "use" she was seeking.
[18:19] axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well, if you're interested my inventory needs some cleaning, hit me up
[18:19] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: rofl yall got no chill
[18:19] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got a long list of chores
If anyone ever invents a way for an inventory to be completely neatened and organized, they're going to make a mint selling it.
[18:19] Sxxx Jxxx: wow omg
[18:19] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: never, [Sxxxxx], never ever
[18:19] Jxxxx Fxxxxxxx: taken care of
[18:19] wxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think she has been!
[18:19] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that was nuts
[18:19] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[18:19] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahahaha
[18:20] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it was funny
[18:20] Jxxxx Fxxxxxxx: Absolutely no call for that!
Mr. F's our resident stick-in-the-mud. Intractable, dogmatic, moralistic, quick to judgement--but when he's not coming to snap conclusions, he's actually a really good group mod, which is why he still is one, in a lot of groups.
[18:20] hxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not like we all haven't fallen out of the box before...it probably was an accident
[18:20] Sxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: that made my day
[18:20] Fxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: even if it was the wrong group they could have said opps or something
[18:20] hxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no need to get panties or boxers in a bunch...lol
[18:20] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ikr
[18:20] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: made my day too
[18:20] Jxxxx Fxxxxxxx: they can IM me then and explain
I doubt she will. Or did, considering when this happened.
[18:20] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha i needed a laugh
[18:20] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think they were embarrassed
[18:20] hxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she was probably mortified she made a mistake....
Maybe. But then again...
[18:20] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i doubt it was wrong group
Yeah, when I think about it? I think she was hoping for a big-breasted dominant lesbian, frankly.
[18:21] Fxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg ive made mistake...not like that one but ive been embarrassed too rofl [18:21] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: looked more to me like advertising her services
[18:21] hxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no need to be a hard ass about it...we all make mistakes and say the wrong thing in the wrong box...
[18:21] Txxx Rxxx: can i get on the house cleaning list xD
[18:21] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahah it was the best joke all night
[18:21] Fxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe [Txxxxxx] :D
[18:21] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I cleaned house.. just deleted all on the land :)
Eep. Well...that's one way to do it, I suppose...
[18:22] Txxx Rxxx: xP [18:22] Txxx Rxxx: i really do need help decorating tho :P
[18:22] Jxxxx Fxxxxxxx: Its not our responsibility (group members) to know what group they have taking focus, should leave that option alone.
[18:23] hxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wha???? [Jxxxx], lighten up, seriously....it was a mistake....I'm sure she didn't do it on purpose.....have you never said anything you regretted in the wrong box???
[18:24] Txxx Rxxx: omg i do all the time
[18:24] Lxxxx Wxxxxx: there was this one time at band camp...
[18:24] Txxx Rxxx: haha
[18:24] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what a day
[18:24] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its been the only convo I've had all day long in sl.. grrrrr
We've been having group chat failures. That transient chat glitch that's been going around for the last...um...six years?!? Still not fixed yet.
[18:24] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i said to the pizza place thet i wanted to eat sausage
[18:25] hxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: have a great night ya'll.....
[18:25] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: n a note that said...wrong person u texted
[18:25] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: rofl
[18:25] Fxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yummy [Sxxxxx] i wants some!!
[18:26] axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I almost always say I love you to the pizza place
[18:26] Sxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: lol
[18:26] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: never made tht mistake again
Well, at least if you tell the pizza place you want to eat sausage, they'll ask if you want anything else on the pizza. Usually.
[18:26] axxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like "k, bye, love ya"
[18:26] Lxxxx Wxxxxx: we have a local radio commercial here that the opening is "are you having a sausage party, come on over, we have qualified girls that can help you"
[18:26] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahahahah
[18:26] Lxxxx Wxxxxx: I died>br /> [18:26] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha
[18:26] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seriously
[18:26] Gxxx Oxxxxxx: when I was a noob, I did make a mistake of wrong message in the wrong group. Took me a month to live it down...an hot emote in the family group will do you, you know...
[18:26] Lxxxx Wxxxxx: It was for the local butchery
Oh, wau, I was thinking it was hire-out strippers. I wouldn't have even considered an actual meat market. That's a clever ad!
[18:27] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was listening to a songg and the guy kept saying he wants to marry that [p*ssy] i was like waaat
[18:28] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my daughter was like...mommy who marries a cat
[18:28] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha
[18:28] oxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wtf
[18:28] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: rofl it jus popped on the radio
And I admit, I was curious, I had to look the song up. Turns out it's an R. Kelly number, which has a nicely melodic rhythm and blues, ballad kind of feel, and some nominally NSFW lyrics.

That's what I get for being curious, I suppose.

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