Thursday, September 15, 2016

I'm not running from you

(Continued from part one...)

So, we were exploring the Poison Apple haunt. Remember the creepy mannequin with the wire-pin arm and leg?

There's another one in the same room. Where do these come from?!?

(Note from the Editrix, before posting: turns out they come from Remarkable Oblivion's Spook Show gacha. I don't know if that machine is in the store yet, but you can at least find the disturbing "Freida" in the Marketplace.)

This house has crazy-wide doors. I mean, really, really wide--and really, really tall--doors. Me for scale.

Yep. It's definitely murder. All over the place.

The wraith that manifests, then glides through wanderers on the outside upper balcony. It's a chilling sensation.

Because a collection of possessed dolls facing the door when one enters, why, THAT'S not creepy at all.

I believe the dolls are also from Remarkable Oblivion, now that I think on it. All in all, this was an effective little haunt, using some props I've seen overused as well as props I haven't seen in every single haunt on the grid. Effectively combined, even trite props can regain freshness and impact. This house is a great example of that. Do pause for a visit if you have the time.

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