Sunday, September 18, 2016

couldn't take all this anymore

NASA's saying that the astrological houses number not twelve, but thirteen. The Twitterverse immediately became enraged, posting loud and long about the injustice of it all. There are only two problems with this:
  1. The thirteenth house, Ophiuchus, has been known for millenia, it's just largely been ignored as inconvenient. And
  2. As far as the actual, scientific star positions changing, NASA's absolutely right.
Okay, but what does this all mean to the casual layman? Not a darn thing. Because astrology isn't science. It's as valid as reading tea leaves, or Tarot cards, or any of a double-dozen other forms of divination where interpretation matters far more than practical application.

Anyway, to the haunt. The name under SL search said "Viper's Haunted Halloween". The description? Every horror cliche thrown into a blender and set on frappe:
"Halloween, Haunted, Ghost, Zombie, scary, Death, Angels Asylum, Nursery, Spooky, Butcher, creepy, haunted House, Cementary, Insanity, Pumpkins, Death- Army, Graveyard,Walking Dead, Creatures, Maneater,Forestlo, LostSouls,apocalypse, horror, no sex,"
That is a direct quote, bad grammar left intact.

But...I'm a completionist, so I went.

Yep. Standing at the corner of Seen It and It's Been Done Before, so far. I'm hearing loud male laughter, children singing the theme from Poltergeist, random ghostly moaning, bits of Tubular Bells, and chainsaw noises. As if they couldn't understand which sound to use, so used them all at once.

These are some really good pumpkin glows, though.

The front yard of their haunted mansion, also...very nice. Nicely atmospheric. This haunt may be improving.

The burning divination table was well done, and the chair that levitates, then smashes into pieces? Very nice touch.

And then, we returned to the land of cliche. Hot dogs? Really? Not even a cannibal kitchen, just a kitchen with a food stand in it operated by a cannibal. What's the going rate to rent part of a kitchen these days?

Basement asylum. Of course. Complete with mutants, blood-spattered "doctors", and flies buzzing around badly decaying corpses. How...trite.

And we will adjourn to the second part, for the remaining images.

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