Wednesday, September 28, 2016

into the night you will fall, bullets and bone

On a random search for 'creepy' (because I'm running out of places under 'spooky' and 'haunted house'), I found Mama Brigitte's Bayou in the Garden of Eden, apparently a celebration of Louisiana, bayou living, and all things N'Awlins. I thought I'd check it out.

If any of my readers ever wanted to walk the backwater swamps of Louisiana, this is your sim.

It is thick, overgrown, vast and wild. There are good things here and bad things, and it's more or less up to the viewer what those are.

Visitors won't be swarmed with spiders--at least, as far as I know--but they will run into cobwebs, with great and repeated frequency. And they all look absolutely real in terms of abandoned river shacks, swamp huts, places people were that are peopled no more. The spiders built their stranded homes until even they wandered off, and now the only things those webs gather is dust.

This is less a haunt, and more an experience. It's a sprawling collection of small islands and marshes that one wanders by virtue of rickety, moss-covered plank bridges at water level. The only complaint I had was that certain areas cannot be accessed save by members of a certain group. (No idea what group, I didn't check.)

But if visitors wish to join that group, or simply wander the areas that can be accessed, it's a sim that seems steeped in history and the mythology of place.

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