Monday, September 26, 2016

these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate

I'm...not sure about this one. The picture says it all:

Bright cheerful happy spoops. Agh.

There are vendors around the center platform, mostly clothing for Toddleedoo baby avatars, at least one for the Kemono, so I'm fairly sure the 'haunted ride' is going to be very kid-friendly. Or at least SL-kid-friendly. (In case there's a difference.)

I did love their warning sign for the ride.

The ride was built like most haunted rides--tracks move through fixed scenes, then move on. The only problem was the audio kept cutting off halfway through each recitation. There are full texts given for each scene, it's just the scripting only allows for half the audio to work.

It's got a cohesive storyline, too, I really liked that.

The mad scientist's laboratory, wherein the lord of the manor researched the Elder Gods and the creation of portals...

...and the Thing Lurking in the Shadows.

This is a short, snappy, and ultimately fun ride for all ages. There is no gore, and while there is spooky imagery, it's all drawn large, like a Disney cartoon. I'd highly recommend this for fans of haunted rides, and for the younger set.

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