Wednesday, September 14, 2016

a lot of hope in a one man tent

The Rezzies are up and await your votes, if you care about that sort of thing. I'm finding more interest as time goes on in award events, because if nothing else, it introduces me to new names on the grid for me to peruse.

Next up: the "modest, but scary" haunt located in Shrikhande. You'll have to port up from ground level, but after that, you're in the haunt itself.)

The trees are really bad. There was no shooting angle I could find that made them look like anything other than the stacked prim constructions they are.

Some evil cultists to round out the haunted vibe...

...some floating candles, the odd skull, the creepy Tall Man from Phantasm to threaten guests...

...and some horror movies playing inside the house. Just don't get too scared, or... might lose your head!

All in all, there's nothing we haven't seen before, but for what it is, it's neatly done. I found the upstairs trite, but I'm not saying everyone would. This isn't for anyone looking for genuine scares, it's more for the haunt completionists in the crowd, and if you've been missing all those vintage 2010 decorations from GRIMWORX, et cet, you'll see them here. Which is fun in and of itself.

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