Tuesday, September 27, 2016

like we're holding onto something that's invisible there

The House on Haunted Hill beckoned, and off I went. Water covered the grounds when I arrived, ankle-brushing, making me glad of the weatherproofed boots I had. Soft little gasps behind me made me turn, and turn again, but...nothing was ever there.

There was something very...odd...about the water, too. Especially farther out to sea...

I suppose it's in the nature of a warning sign, to have a corpse upended over the walking path.

And obviously, very bad things happened in this cabin. I'm going to leave quickly, before the man with the hand-ax wanders back.

Wait, am I walking into Silent Hill? Why are there ashes in the air? I walked into an old fort to get out of the ash rain, and...there were...things...inside. I'm not sure what they were, but...I don't think they want me here.

And if I wasn't convinced before, I'm convinced now--there are definitely direct rips from at least two games here: Amnesia (not shown), and a few iterations of Silent Hill. Now, I want to be clear--I'm not accusing anyone of anything. The person who used these as decorations may not have known they were rips; the person who made them may have acquired them from someone else who sold them full-perm, so may not have known. But the original person, the one who brought them on the grid, that person ripped these models directly from the games.

That's just not cool.

And, of course, Robbie, outside the main house, also from Silent Hill.

Because that's not creepy at all! Eeeuugghh.

Oh, HELL no, I will not pick you up!

Also...how did you get in here so fast?!?

So, overall, it's not a bad haunt, but I will make one clear point: Go expecting to see bad things. And "bad" has a number of varying connotations here. Yes, corpses, some gore, some screaming, which can be hard on those who might walk in with sounds all the way up. But also, game rips, which qualify as "bad" in an entirely different way. And at least one rip specifically from Silent Hill: Homecoming that can, depending on interpretation, be seen as pushing the haunt towards an Adult rating, over Moderate. (If you're curious which one, look up Amnion on the Silent Hill monsters wiki.)

So I won't say don't go, because there are some intriguing ideas here. Just go prepared, and expect less to be dazzled, and more just cool visuals now and again.

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