Saturday, September 17, 2016

the collision of your kiss

The Crones Garden Main Store & Voodoo Moon Clan Swamps, the land said, coming in. Wait, is this a haunted house, or a Bloodlines clan sim? It looks more like a Bloodlines clan sim, but...I am endeavoring to put judgement aside, for the nonce. Onward I go.

After finding, and leaving, several clearly clan-only lands, I think I found the haunt. It was very, very loud with booming thunder and some sort of...deep base drone of some kind? No idea what it was.

That's my kind of welcome mat.

The art's a tad bit disturbing, as well...

Haunted TV, check...just when I had hopes that this was going to be a less tired haunt.

I'd say also, creepy clown, check, but this one's a clown doll...that's slightly different, and not as cliched.

Also very creepy.

Wau, some really disturbing framed art. Nicely done.

It's not a bad house, overall. I'd recommend setting sounds to minimal, because of the loud booming noises which become very repetitive, but...there are some very subtle squeaks and unearthly giggles that would be missed if that was done, so...I can't say one way or the other. I suppose it will all come down to how into loud drones and shaking metal sounds you are.

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