Thursday, September 29, 2016

there was nothing waiting but her frozen arms

(Continued from part one.)

The cobwebs seek to hide the things that people used to use on a daily basis. But even the spiders have moved on, now. No one uses the things that used to be polished and shined, washed and returned to their places.

The table is still set for a meal that never happened, for the family that never gathered. What did happen, in this house? On this island? Will we ever know?

Outside the nursery window, upstairs, another shade watches. Reliving what happened? Or simply keeping an eye on the land, that no one else will live in this place?

The girl in the chair never moved, never spoke. I'm...not entirely sure she was there, but she never faded away. The doll, on the other hand, watched my every move.

This is a marvelous haunt, start to finish. There are no screamers, no jump scares, it's just dark and pulses with dread. The moving spirits add their own special touch, as they circle through the trees. And scattered through the terrain, bright s pots of burning color throughout all the desaturated monochrome, are campfires, and logs to sit on, cooking pots to make impromptu meals. They're always startling in their normalcy.

I highly recommend this one. If you want to track down everything, it takes a bit to wander, but it's worth it. Or you could just arrow from the landing point to the manor house. Your choice. After one on the island is there to stop you.

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