Thursday, September 22, 2016

I could show you incredible things

I don't know if anyone is interested, but there's a free 'gift cauldron' at Foxes that gives out Halloween masks. Full-head ones. There's a zombie unicorn, two rabbits, two cats, and two skulls to collect. It's random. (And yes, you can keep clicking until you get the one you want, or go for all of them.)

Also, here's a unique SL problem brought to RL a very funny, if NSFW, way.

In the meantime, I heard of a lighthouse in St. John Woods, and of course I had to check it out.

It took a long time to rez anything in. Afterwards, it grew increasingly hard to move.

There are so many fascinating things in the lighthouse. Art, masks, strange animals, clockworks. Skeletons and mounted insects, pottery, glass cases with even more interesting things. Books upon books upon books. So very many things to look at, to peruse.

The fire is warming, though, after the chill of the night rain, the ticking of the clock very soothing.

Two gramophones. Why two? And that very odd puppet...and the even odder eel-like creature in the case...

More books, insects, anatomical skeletons, ledgers, and...another odd puppet.

I've never seen a spread quite like this. I admit, I sat for some time, sipping marrow tea, trying to puzzle it out. The closest I could remember was only a five-card spread, not a seven--those five cards being The Question, What You Know Now, What You Don't See, The Advice, and the End Result. So, if I interpret using that, I get the setting aside of all distractions, the embrace of innate talents, the vital, elemental nature of magic, the source of creativity, and the use of talent for making what's imagined, The Question; community, conviviality, friendship, support, embracing common goals, and the value of pleasure and hospitality for What You Know Now; ignorance, willful blindness, despair and negative thinking, embracing the physical over the spiritual, and acceptance of abuse for What You Don't See; the quest for the new and different, visions and premonitions, rallying the group, planning ahead, and seeking out adventure for The Advice; and self-control, restraint, sacrifice for the good cause, independent, positive action, tact and diplomacy, grace and achievement, and finesse for the End Result.

Assuming I'm right that it's that kind of spread at all, and considering I don't know the question originally asked, nor how the bottom two cards--taking stock of things, checking the course, reflecting on progress to date, and the new path, the beginning of all things, the impulsiveness of youth, the innocence of trust--relate to the rest of it at all.

Would I recommend a visit to the lighthouse? Absolutely. It's not a haunt in the traditional sense; there are no shades rattling chains, no screaming at random intervals, no reaching, skeletal hands to snag the unwary. But what it does have is atmosphere in spades. It's like walking into a world traveler's den, and wondering on their adventures, feeling as if every single item in every bookshelf, on every table, inside every glass case, could tell its own story. And those stories would be wonderful.

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