Wednesday, September 28, 2016

but the worst is yet to come

This is the description of the haunt I'm exploring tonight:
YES, BE SCARED to enter! Halloween Special is back. More Scenes have been added.
haunted scenes: The Ring, The Exorcist, The Shinning and more. Visit the Haunted Playground Zombie Land, HollowHill Hospital and Hellraiser if you DARE!!
Oh, great. "The Shinning", even.

So what's it called? EL SUSTO HAUNTED HOUSE. Yes, in all caps.

So it's on mainland, and while the time on the parcel seems to be set for a decently spooky night, the parcels around it are all set for standard sun. It's disorienting.

Inside are haunted televisions, torn curtains that ripple dolefully in an unseen wind, moans, haunted paintings...and a constantly ringing phone that drove me wholly out of my mind.

I wandered up, I wandered down, I found secret passages, I found broken sewer pipes large enough to walk through, I found haunts and dust and decay, and absolutely none of it mattered, because that high-pitched, vibrating phone would not shut up. Touching it did nothing, walking far away did nothing, I could still hear it, and by the time I hit the nursery, I had decided I had had enough and just ported away.

Is it a bad haunt? Not at all, if you go through with the sound off. With the sound on my most sincere recommendation is to avoid this as if it will give you the plague. That phone ring is killer...and not in any creepy, Hallowe'en sense. It needs to be scripted to run on a much slower repeat, or be turned off entirely.

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