Monday, September 5, 2016

to the sound of a bleeding ghost train

Messages move through the wind, information passed from hand to hand. Tension along the strands, vibrations passed along to me to be interpreted in kind.

Perhaps it was pixying on all bargains, attempting to communicate through words here, when other words no longer could suffice. But then, I was a pixie for many years, thrust uncomprehending into the noble court of the Unseelie, from my prior wild state. Perhaps it was a flashback to my time then, where to think around corners was simply natural ability.

And perhaps I have only myself to blame, for putting in more revealing detail than I intended. It's not anonymous to all if even one can identify the person in question, and I do see the importance in ensuring anonymity, discretion; in guaranteeing that private things will remain private.

So from this point more sidewise communications. (Or, at least, nothing with words.) Which more communication, period. And for that, I am
not to blame.

Can someone tell me why the seas are amber here? I don't understand. (Location is Adult, just FYI, but it doesn't make it easier to understand. Obviously, that sim was the source of the above three shots.)

And maybe it's just me being stuck in the past, but nothing in this Sansar overview makes me want to engage with it, when it launches. In fact, so far, everything I've heard about Sansar makes me want to avoid it like a virtual plague. That may change, just isn't sounding good to me, to date. Viable option? Maybe. For me? I doubt it.


Kirasha Urqhart said...

It is not just you, Miss Orr. I have been reading about Sansar for a while now and, aside from the fact I am on Linux and therefore in the small group of users for which development is deemed not worth the cost, it seems to me, based on several assessments that the focus of Sansar is going to be the "Experience" as opposed to the community. I don't see how Communities such as Caledon or Winterfell or New Babbage would survive there with any semblance of those traits that make them what they are now, most particularly the fact each member has a stake in the community and it's not just a bunch of visitors to a place set-up for them by one person or a few people.

Emilly Orr said...

No, Sansar very definitely seems to be gaming SL, in the quite literal sense. Sansar sounds like it's going to be a partially user-created (though very heavily mandated and authorized) MMO, or a full RPG. Which is, again, Linden Lab missing the point of Second Life utterly.