Wednesday, October 7, 2015

down, down through the branches, through the white waving trees

Tonight's jaunt: Sunset Shadows. Which is again, mysteriously, on Adult land. Why?

The sim was hosting a dance, and I didn't want to interfere, so I took off for a house I glimpsed through the woods. Something of a mistake--the sounds are very repetitive, and, since they feature mostly female screaming, very annoyingly high-pitched.

Where have I seen him before? Oh, right.

Not the standard serial-killer kitchen. That's...good, right?

The condition and position of the young lady notwithstanding, I adore this room. Save for the mutilated corpse in the corner (not shown; from this angle, it's to the right of this image), it's actually rather pretty.

Wait, was this the only reason it was on Adult land? Just these two skeletal lovers? I don't understand that at all.

Mysterious glowing skeleton. Okay.

Ugh, Chucky again. To go along with an 'Ugh, Carol-Ann' sighting, earlier.

And an overview of the entire house from above, punched up slightly because it seemed kind of dark. Overall, I think they did a good job with what they had, but too many overused tropes with no real linkage tends to spoil any haunt.

I'll add one other note: the attic on this one was...unpleasant. If you've seen Hostel, you may understand what they were attempting to achieve. Let's just say it's not for the weak of stomach, and I say that being a hardcore horror (and gore) fan. So keep that in mind if you go.

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