Sunday, October 11, 2015

I looked in the mirror and somebody blew up

Passions Haunted Forest confused me--hadn't I already gone to something with that name? But no, that land was Adult, this is moderate. I guess they're separate.

Pretty enough going in, for all that it's shoehorned in to a tiny parcel. Still, I've done fun haunts on 512s, this was at least twice that, if not three times, so there was space to wander and peer around.

Lovely combination of props--when walking over the rope bridge, the skeleton's rigged to pop up when crossed over. I did jump a little. Neat effect.

Inside the house, there's some subtly haunted furniture, some floating books, and this ethereal feast with floating champagne and steaming turkey. Beautifully put together.

Inside, in a closet, this creepy little girl who's either about to be grabbed by the claws, or about to invite them out to play.

And, in a house full of neat little touches, this was the absolute neatest: that hand holding the candle you see there? As I walked up the stairs, every few feet a hand would pop out of the wall, holding the light. Quite impressive.

Overall, I'd give this a full five out of five skulls. Take some time, it's worth a wander.

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