Monday, October 26, 2015

helicopters fly over the beach, same time every day, same routine

Tonight's adventure is Angel's Haunted House, where I am greeted by Diablo himself. Sort of. Or maybe Darkness from Legend. Does that bode ill?

There seem to be a few haunts on this parcel. So I turned left from the landing point, and walked towards what sounded like two exorcists blessing an orphanage.

So...asylum, then. Got it.

I know her from somewhere...Where?

The morgue has clowns. Not surprised.

"Archangel, dark angel, lend me thy light; to death's fail too, we have ever been sight"? I can't quite figure out what the dolls are saying.

[Note from the Editrix before posting: Found it. It's Cradle of Filth's "Satanic Mantra", and the line as given there goes,

"Archangel, dark angel
Lend me thy light
Through Death's veil
'Til we have Heaven in sight!"

[I feel better knowing what they're saying.]

Upstairs we go. Ah, there's Reghan and the priest.

And the expected mad doctor, performing experiments on corpses...or corpse bits...for...probably nonsensical and random reasons.

Look, the sounds are good here, I won't lie, but it more seems like a jumble of various ideas than a coherent storyline. We've seen most of these things before. And after a while, Murray's invective--AKA, the skull on the countertop in the foyer--gets old, because he just keeps repeating his standard phrases over...and over...and over...on about a two-second loop. Ack.

Plus, one of the additional haunts turned out to be attached to the first house, so that was one unit, and the second house started off with so much shrill screaming, I never made it past the door. There's also a cemetary, which I didn't take in at all.

Three out of five skulls? Only for the haunt completionists in the crowd.

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