Wednesday, October 28, 2015

hold me again, don't count mistakes, I lost track of them

Tonight's haunted jaunt takes us to Galicia's Spine-Chilling Halloween Hunt. I think they are slightly overstating the case.

I will say, though, it's lovely here.

Ethereal dancers move gracefully to the sound of the skeletal band.


It is really, really pretty here, though.

There are places to sit and rest, sit and interact, sit and invoke...

Oh, you are...SO broken...

Because, of course, you get a bunch of animate voudon poppets together, they're going to pull out the Ouija board, right? (Also, that glowing pumpkin you see towards the middle? There's ten of those on the sim, they're fairly easy to find.)

Wait, no one told me Leviathan was on this sim! I'm out of here!

Above and beyond the hunt, which is mostly for seasonal tattoo layers, it's just moodily atmospheric and wonderful. There is one section near the shore that spawns Freddy Krueger, of all things, to chase you about, but run back to the main house and he'll fall back. Everywhere else (save for the mysterious Land Piranha pool) can be wandered with free heart and (relative) safety.

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