Saturday, October 3, 2015

bury me under the almond tree

Fallen's Haunting for 2015 is literally a house in a box.

Don't get me wrong, it's atmospheric enough, but...that house better be damned good to remove the skybox effect.

Apparently hair-eating is an option on one of the chairs.

Outside the house, they do give out a fairly nice lantern. Add to attach, touch to click on and off. Doesn't trump with a hold animation, so I never really held it up to see things, but you can't have everything. The only drawback? It comes into your inventory in a folder marked "Object".

Oh, look. Another serial-killer kitchen.

This was a lovely set piece. You can find it at Boudoir directly, I think, or get it on the Marketplace. It retails for L$150.

This was another lovely effect. SL pic in a frame, on virtual wallpaper, candles, yeah, we've seen that before. But this wall bleeds, and it looks really good when it starts.

And then there were rooms like this with the mysterious hooded figure in the ritual circle...the rooms with the scared child in the bloodied bed...the bodies under carpet. We've seen these things. We've all seen these things.

But again, if you can get past the point that you're standing in a giant cube, textured like tall, bleak trees in a haunted's not bad.

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