Thursday, October 22, 2015

she'd laughed at the graveyard on one sip of wine

It's a crisp fall day. The leaves are turning, the spooky forests are growing thick and dark, there's some weird sort of flickering in the let's go see the Harrington Haunted House.

Seems simple enough. Walk into the spooky forest, stop at the gate. Open gate, go in. So far so good.

Hey, uh...whatcha lookin' at, puppy? Oh, er, you seem...stuck in know what? You're probably fine. I'll just check out the house.


I swear, poof of flame, there he was. Never saw him coming.

Okay, so we've all seen this house before, right? Can't blame people, it's pretty hauntable, and if you pay that much to get it, well, you're gonna use it, right? Because Never Totally Dead isn't cheap.

On the other hand, with what they do make, up to and including this house--they have every right to charge more.

The TV is watching me.

Lovely. An abandoned kitchen, not a serial-killer kitchen.

Spectral horses in the backyard.

Oh, dear, the bathroom upstairs is not in good shape. But wait--blood dripping from the ceiling? We must investigate.

Someone ate the baby!

Oh, that's why there's blood dripping from the ceiling. Poor fellow.

There's a coffin teleport system that takes you to other places. The Dark Forest, a schoolhouse, the cemetary...I'd honestly give this one five out of five skulls. It's not overly spooky, but there's some creativity to the prop placement, and it's just grand fun start to finish.

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