Saturday, October 24, 2015

leave the village lights, step into the night

Still in the mood for a ride, I tracked down ASD Studios' Haunted House, wondering if if would be as fun as last year.

Upon rezzing onto the sim, I saw this missive in main chat:
[00:41] Welcome Mat: Welcome to the Greatest Halloween Ride in the World Ever! Set Your Sun to Midnight and turn your sound up!
So humble.

But this one doesn't cost L$75 just to rez out a car, so in I go!

Doesn't look like much has changed. Though the font is now very Haunted Mansion. Plus, a new line on the bottom--about the draw distance. Nice touch.

And this section of the ride is still brilliantly reflective of the Haunted Mansion, which is always good.

Clowns. There are always clowns. I forgot about this section.

And a very effective Bates Motel tribute. Very nicely done.

And another lovely little tribute to The Shining.

There's definitely been some changes. The largest one? The 'Cabin in the Woods' middle sequence. Awesome.

Some of it was so faithfully reproduced, I felt like I was actually in the movie. Astounding. Full props to the makers for this.

All in all, it takes about fifteen minutes to ride the whole thing, but it's so worth your time. Five out of five skulls.

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