Wednesday, October 14, 2015

did you have to ruin what was shining? now it's all rusted

The Chilbo Haunted Manor was next.

Under search, it listed this as the brief bio for the stop:
Public is welcome to tour the Chilbo Haunted Mansion and Chapel. Enjoy a collection of some of the best "haunted finds" accumulated through "the SL ages."

Huh. Okay.

Carol-Ann again, but this was beautiful--the haunt designers made a slight addition to the set. To hear Carol-Ann screaming and crying out "No more...No more!" while watching The Lion King was precious beyond all things.

I'm beginning to understand what they meant about haunts through the SL ages. From the ground floor, as I went up, it was definitely nostalgic. Like this set piece. Sure, it's ageing--all the Grimworx pieces are, unfort--but this one still holds up fairly well.

A glowing puppet theatre at the top of the winding stairs; to the right of this (unpictured) is a gathering of some very familiar mesh figures, but...they still manage to more-or-less work within the haunt theme.

And, in a separate building was a lovely little haunted chapel. All in all, a fun diversion for your time. Short, but nostalgic, and good use of "traditional" SL haunt items, some that aren't seen as often anymore (like the puppet theatre).

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