Friday, October 9, 2015

if you live like that you live with ghosts

And then there was Castle Whorenstein. With that name, do I even need to mention the land rating?

I have dread.

I also have a touch of actual fear, because while the land isn't damage-enabled, the pumpkin one touches to gain a lantern also offers a shotgun. Does this mean zombies? If my brains are going to be nibbled, I'm SO out of here.

This was a nice little moment. Neatly posed skeleton in a top hat, smoking. Just something to catch the eye, to be sure, but done with style.

And there was a coffin, with poses, so...y'know...I had to jump in and pose. It's a thing.

How'ver, as I wandered deeper into the main house, I found And I did not wish to disturb, so cut the visitation short. There's honestly not that much here, anyway, though notecards on the way in indicated there was some sort of hunt--for either hidden items, or the aforementioned zombies, is unclear--so I may return to see which, precisely, they mean.

If you go, bring a voyeuristic friend or so, or be one yourself; elsewise, there won't be much to see.

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