Friday, October 30, 2015

she's got a date at midnight with Nosferatu

[00:29] Corpse: Hello Emilly Orr. Thank you for visiting Silverado's Haunted House -Beware -Not responsible for any Heart attacks

Because this is so heart-stoppingly terrifying.

So I pretty much picked a place at random, and came to Silverado's Haunted House and Graveyard.

It's got some okay poses in the crypt part of the cemetary, but beyond that, it's mostly just fog and screamers.

Until I turned to leave, and met this fellow.
[00:39] Nightstalker: HALT Emilly , you are trespassing on hallowed ground !
[00:39] Nightstalker: Emilly , You Foolish Mortal !!! lol prepare to DIE !!!!!!!
[00:40] Nightstalker: lol Emilly enjoy your eternal rest
I refuse to take seriously any haunt that says "lol".

Save I'd already started walking off the lot, so...died on the sidewalk. Wups.

I'd say, this is another one solely for completionists. It's got some okay photo ops, and the death-by-Reaper is pretty neat, but beyond's okay, but not stellar.

Two out of five skulls?

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