Friday, October 23, 2015

out of the real world to a happy day

We are now at Sorrow. And wau, atmospheric as all get-out.

The door to the house I glimpsed through the rain was open, and revealed a lit interior, so I made free to step inside. The front room was very, very cluttered.

And at first I thought this could not possibly be a haunt--where are the ghosts? The skeletal remains? The haunted candles? But then I noticed a row of jars with eerily lifelike taxidermied pixies, and I became very unnerved.

But in the kitchen, there was mulled cider warming on the stove...

Spices, homey little touches, warmth, comfort...What is this??

...and upstairs, nothing but a sleek, pampered cat and a very comfortable-looking bed.

Is this a haunt? Why was it listed on a search of "haunted houses" through SL Search? I'm so confused.

[Belated note from the Editrix: It is NOT, in point of fact, a haunt! It is apparently another artistic sim/experience, and all of that was explained in the notecard which I don't remember receiving. Aww. I would have liked to read it. But there you go!

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