Thursday, October 8, 2015

you speak softly, we are capsules of energy

[20:09] Bad Tempered Skull: If you wake up in the morning with a few less toes don't blame me, unless you want more to come up missing.
Well, okay then. We're now at Haunted Heightened Passion, another Adult haunt. (What is it this year with Adult haunts?)

The floating horned skulls--nice touch. They are all over the entry zone, in all colors a demonic, floating horned skull might be. Some drift close to the ground, some fly, some move up and down vertically. They're fascinating to watch.

This is going to be tricky...There is a way to walk around the saws, and still reach the front door, so that's good.

The haunted mine section is exceptional. I could have made thirty entries with pictures just from the mine tunnels, and I'm still not sure I found everything. Very, very well done.

And here's one case of taking the tried and true--and usually boring--and making it work for your haunt. You have possessed Regan--with her priest. You have Silent Hill's Sharon. You have Sadako climbing out of the well. You have Alma--in a cage, crawling through a wall, standing next to a glowing rocking horse. (Unless that's Sharon again.) What links these young women? Creepy dark hair and mad eyes. And it works. It really works.

All in all? Quite pleased with this one, quite pleased. Well worth a visit, and there's a few more things I didn't even cover, like the haunted gondola ride. (I was a bit rushed, but may go back to see if I can track it down!)

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