Thursday, October 22, 2015

am I free or am I tied up?

So back we go to Slaughter Creek, where I am going to adjust my settings and likely not get all the special effects possible, but may not lag out so bad that even relogging and clearing cache three times didn't make me able to stay on the land!

Some other things to keep in mind with this one. Much of this haunt is mesh. This haunt also relies on Media being enabled, and many scripted effects. Both of those things can cause additional lag, with or without the encoded HUD.

So let's go.

The first floor was pretty good overall, some expected sights, some props used in new ways, some props never before seen. They've put a lot of work into this and it shows.

But, I ended up having to cam through sections of the house, because I could no longer move. The only mesh I wore was lower-LI hair and heels, my clothing was entirely system layers, I was wearing a reduced-animation AO...I'd gone through and deleted at least two thousand items from inventory between my first visit and this one...and I'd lowered both my draw distance and my graphics settings overall...And I still had to stop in one room and just cam up and take random images. I never made it into the cellar.

I literally have no idea what else to do. Explore at your own risk, I suppose. Come with a high-powered computer or a way to reduce all known sources of lag. Good luck!

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