Thursday, October 29, 2015

well, there's a message in the wild

I logged in to find I had a package waiting from Insanity's Own for the upcoming Envy edition of the Sinners' Hunt. And don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got the package, I will blog the hell out of anything sent my way, but...I didn't know I'd made the blog list for the hunt, 'cos no one told me.

So confused.

But this is the first thing, a garden chair/table set, and this is it, basically straight out of the box. By "basically" I mean, I put the table out, realized it had rezzed partially in midair, lowered it to touch ground, then rezzed out the chair and turned it to face the table. Did not change anything, and no Windlight was used to create this shot.

If it looks like the table is way higher than I am, there are two reasons for that: one, the table is taller than the average garden table, and two, I'm short. (Currently in this shape--including the six-inch spike heels--I'm 5'7", or in meters, 1.75, so definitely not average avie height!)

Still, it works pretty well, overall, and both items are copy/mod, so could be raised or lowered at need. That's not the neat thing, though. It took me a bit to figure this out, but beyond the inherent few sitting poses in the chair, there's a button that was marked with my name. I clicked it, nothing happened, then I realized my AO was still off. I clicked that back on, and voilà, I have my own sit poses from my AO!

That's kind of awesome.

Expect a lot of green on this hunt, 'cos Envy is all about being green with it, this table set fully included. I think this one would work well with a lot of different styles of decor, though, and it clocks in at one LI for the table, and just three LI for the chair.

The hunt starts November 1st and will run through the 31st; find more info on the Sinners' Hunt blog...when it's posted.

(Other stuph used in the shots:
(Skybox: Mine, I made it.
Autumn tree with rocks: ArchiTech group gift, but likely still available if you join the group.
Hair: Quintessa Halloween Massacre hair in Teal from ALICE PROJECT, available on the Halloween giveaway wall. It was yesterday's gift, so today, it's L$50, but that's still a bargain for all the colors.
Dress: Creature Feature mini in Teal, group gift from :{MV}:. May still be available.

Stockings: Stitches stockings in black from AviCandy; I think it was a Hallows gift this year? [But not positive].
Boots: Biker's Choice Fair gift from SHEY, back in March of this year. Still, going to SHEY and joining their group will net you equally nifty boots.
Skin: The Stitched 2 Skin in Blue, received back in July of 2009 from somewhere on Suffugium. Both sim and store are gone, though the maker is Kaeli Candour, in case you're interested.
Makeup: Almost entirely from [mock], including the Glitter Pop eShadow in Plums at Midnight with the Purple Rain Mad Woman Smokey eShadow over that, the Sahne Bitter Chocolate wearable Tester [Lip 1], and beneath all of that, Mock's infamous Mythic Neutralizer to tone down the now-faded-and-dated grey-blue eyeshadow and grey-blue lips on the skin. Also added Rue's Lip Service in Seduction to top things off; no idea if Devae has the Painted line or not, anymore.
Eyes: The Slime eyes from {SONG}, which were a gift found along the Nightmare Event twists and turns.)

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