Sunday, October 25, 2015

if you could see us, then you'd listen

At the staging area for Vilmer House, there were instructions for how to set up their desired effects. Apparently, their main desired effect is embracing fuschia as a lifestyle.

The next panel told me to turn on Shadows. I've never used shadows before. And suddenly, everything is monochrome.

But I hate mouselook!

So this is the Vilmer House orphanage. Doesn't look...that terrifying...
[20:27] The Vilmer House II: A long time ago, the Vilmer House Orphanage was a very popular orphanage. Children from all over the area were brought to the orphanage because there were always rooms available.
That's not the best sign in an orphanage, actually. That does imply a lot of space, but if the house isn't that spacious, then...there's an overly high rate of turnover, illness, or...death.
[20:28] The Vilmer House III: Miss Agatha, the elderly lady who ran the Vilmer House, was never married. The people who lived around the area never knew Miss Agatha for anything else than the woman at the Vilmer House.
That happens with gentlefolk who keep to themselves, though.

Is that...surely that's just carpet folds...right?

Is that...That's just a dust cover over a coat-rack, of course.

[20:41] The Vilmer House IV: The children were not allowed in the kitchen at the Vilmer House. Miss Agatha didn't want the children to grow fat, so she kept them always a tad hungry.
That's not good.
[20:37] The Vilmer House VII: It became the local kid's right of passage to break in to the Vilmer House and take one of Miss Agatha's beloved Porcelain Dolls. It's said that only a few kids have accomplished this and have a Miss Agatha Doll to show for it.
I hear a child sobbing. "Hello? Is anyone there?"
[20:36] The Vilmer House VIII: The breaking and entering of the Vilmer House ceased when a group of kids was rumored to enter the house for a seance and were never seen again.

This room very, very dark, save for flashes of lightning. Even the flashlight does not seem to work.

Creepy dolls...

II? What does II mean?

So what happened next? I don't know--running with that many extra features enabled killed me almost as fast as Slaughter House Manor. If your computer is very powerful, and has an excess of memory, you may just skate through these two with no effort. I, sadly, could not, which is sad for me, because the storyline was intriguing, the effects were subtle and wonderful, and I most definitely wanted to see more!

Giving this one four out of five skulls, with the skull deduction only because I could not make it to the upper stories of the house!

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