Tuesday, October 20, 2015

on a bed of spiderwebs, there's no room for innocence

Next up: Slaughter Creek Manor, apparently--or as the sign says, anyway--based on a "Real Life Haunted House". Now, do they mean a theatrical "haunted" house open to the public, or do they mean a house that is actually, for real, haunted? Information unclear.

I went to the wilds of Google and found three distinct categories: information on the SL attraction; information on Slaughter Creek fisheries; and one single entry for Slaughter Farms in Texas. Huh. Is that what this house is referencing?

Apparently not. I found a skull along the path with this information:
"About the history of Slaughter Creek Manor (Monte Cristo Australia):

"This historic two-story house in Slaughter Creek with its wide verandas and beautiful wrought iron work is now open to thousands of visitors each year - and they all want to know about the ghosts and tragedies associated with this sprawling mansion."

"The original occupants were Mr Crawley and his family in 1884 and it would appear that from the Crawley family most of the stories of ghosts and hauntings and many other tragic happenings seem to originate, In fact, the ghost of Mrs Crawley and her new born baby has been seen many times in her former room and in recent years, Everything from your dress, mannerisms or the way you talk can influence Mrs Crawley. She will either like you or not like you and she is the real maiden of the manor."

The manor’s long and dark history includes a stable boy who was killed from his injuries after having his mattress set on fire when he called in sick for work, a mentally handicapped boy being chained to the cottage for 30 years, Mrs Crawley leaving baby Ethel in the care of her nanny had left the house upon her return she found the nanny had killed the baby when a ‘supernatural force’ pushed the baby out of her arms and she fell down the stairs, A young man after watching and becoming obsessed with the movie "psycho" decided to walk to Slaughter Creek Manor and kill the caretaker Jack with a shot gun in his cottage...you can still faintly see the carving "Die Jack Die" in the door to this day."
This sounds pretty extensive. There's more info on the notecard, but they also linked this video, a retelling of medium Janine Louise's experience with investigating the manor.

Let's go inside and check.

...on second thought, after crashing--repeatedly--let's try this again and NOT use the specialty "NXT LVL" HUD. Catch up with things later.

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